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get $15 from the makers of Tylenol 

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Anyone that is tired of this white woman's personal vendetta against me on w.l. is welcome at PV.

Come check out what's it's like to be on an instance where you don't have to worry about the fragility of white people clogging your timeline with made up bullshit.

And we have snacks.

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I said this in a reply to someone but I want to offer this message to everyone on here: it's ok to be sad on main and require some reassurance from your friends

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Time for Ask A Survivalist!

Ask me survivalism questions and I will answer them to the best of my knowledge!


greta gerwig directing Little Women: i sleep
Scorcese directing yet another long-ass movie about mobsters: real shit

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just testing this out, can i summon Milly this way?

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Flint, Michigan has been without clean water for 2093 days. #Flint
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"oof", an expression of surprised discomfort

from German "öpf"

star wars 9 spoilery shitpost 

I feel bad that I post so many pictures of Pearl but not Batman but he, like, actively avoids the camera. LIke if he sees me holding my phone up near him he scoots out of there in a hurry


if 'guys' is gender neutral then so is 'southern belle'

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There was no room for me
On the sunny meadow
So I bowed my head down
And moved…
To the shadow.

And I stood there watching
How others rejoice
Feeling poignant sorrow,
No hope and
No choice.

Yet, it’s only from here,
From this dreary sight,
From this deep, deep darkness
That I saw
The Light.


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