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the thing about dick puns is there’s a vas deferens between good and bad ones

Uh hi, everyone! I just got here on!
I'm not new to Mastodon, but I felt that I needed a more "personal" account to talk about my trans-y thoughts and stuff on.
So uh hey, I hope you guys like me :)

So here's a thing:

I am interested in hiring someone for about 500-1000 words of erotic fiction to be credited and used in an upcoming comic, specifically from women/nb writers, esp POC. At the very least, I wanna talk to some people about rates.

Selfie ec 💜 

codl's botw thread 

spider-man's master plan
build his own little spider clan
in the woods, now they're troops
fighting for special-interest groups

my dude, I've denied your follow request 3 times already. since apparently you don't get the hint, I have to block you :blobshrug:


I am willing to pay cold, hard, FIAT cash to someone willing and able to port

to golang (that compiles/works on mips64 as a single, static binary -- if that matters. which it probably will)

how much? YOU TELL ME (and let me know why you're a great fit for this task). I am willing and able to pay a premium because this is something far more useful to me in two weeks than two months.

boosts very much appreciated.

Why do indigenous people hate snow?


just wrote in team chat "as long as it can make the round trip to and from the database to the UI and back again" which, upon second reading, says the same thing not twice, but three (3) times

what is me today

selfi,ec, belated wenbiesday 

I'm blocking because they are a gab friendly instance.

You probably should to.

I'm curious of people's opinions on the use of the honorific Mx. Is it truly gender-neutral, in that it is acceptable to use for a binary-gendered person, or is it only acceptable for non-binary-gendered people? (Obviously if someone has specified their honorific, you use that, but if they haven't?)

Considering getting a Nikon D3500 or D5500, but am concerned about snow. I won't be going into a polar vortex or anything, and likely won't use beyond a few moments in weather below -17°C (yes, I know, battery drainage), but snow may still fall.

Any experience?

furnace repair guy asked me to turn my thermostat all the way up and why would you ever want to try and heat your house up to 88F??? like why does it even go that high???

literal toilet humour, wtf, microfic 

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