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Yo timeline, please CW #Brexit stuff, okay? As most politics, it can be very stressing for some ppl. Please keep the spirit of Mastodon as a friendly and caring communtiy up and CW your toots. Thanks!

Selfies, eye contact x2 

me, playing poker, having absolutely no idea what’s going on: “ah, it seems the poker has become the pokee”

so the giant container of liquid laundry detergent fell and exploded all over our laundry room. RIP my morning, guess I'm spending it squeegeeing soap

admin shit, meta, abuse 

'it chapter 2' movie 

Selfie, eye contact, #FFF, boosts OK 

'it chapter 2' movie 

Porn production company BangBros bought PornWikiLeaks, a website dedicated to doxxing and harassing porn performers, and literally set it on fire:

The site now:

(All, surprisingly, SFW)


Any recommendations for stickers for my laptop? I've had it bare for so long now but I wanna be a bit more outrageously gay yknow

#learningDutch can anyone recommend some people who broadcast stuff in dutch? (via podcast or youtube channel)

I love stuff about knitting, tattoos, metal, environmentalism, queer + trans stuff, but I'm open to almost anything.

Fine femme Friday, kinda lewd 

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"cèilidh" (pronounced "kay-lee") is a Scottish Gaelic word meaning "visit." It is used to describe large gatherings where communities would come together to eat, drink, and be merry. This instance uses Mutant Standard emoji, which are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.