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oh holy shit how did i not know that greta van fleet was from frankenmuth?

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i want to listen to a band that has that classic-rock-type vibe, but queer

basically i want greta van fleet meets the scissor sisters

What's a good CI setup for a Python tool that needs to run on Linux, Windows, and macOS?

My notes so far from poking at this:

Fediverse, is anyone aware of some technical projects that could use developer-facing documentation written over the next couple days? I need to make new technical writing samples for a position I applied for. Sadly the stuff I've previously written is all either long-gone on previous employers' servers, end-user documentation, or otherwise unavailable.

damn, the more I learn about the Emir Abd el-Kader, the more I'm disappointed that he's not more well known in the west

I mean, I can guess *why* he's not more well known, and it rhymes with Islamophobia

tfw you open some clickbait, and immediately close it, and feel disappointed in yourself because you know better than to click that bullshit

saw the headline "Global outrage over Facebook service outage"

I was more outraged that it came back up, tbh

ah, I was wondering why unroll bot wasn't working properly when the post it was @'d on wasn't on the same server as the thread, turns out it was

I’m going to post videos of Elton and in them you can hear his licking sounds and how I whisper to him. Both are annoying😸

This is what he does after he greets anyone who comes home. He launches himself at me directly after, an licks my hand forever and ever.

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anyone on the TL into the Millennium Trilogy and watch the the girl in the spiders web?

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Is there anyone on here that has transitioned while in grad school?
I need some advice for navigating potential social issues.

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"cèilidh" (pronounced "kay-lee") is a Scottish Gaelic word meaning "visit." It is used to describe large gatherings where communities would come together to eat, drink, and be merry.

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