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hey everyone. if you don't know what is, it's a community project i sorta run that offers tools for people around here.

i just launched a new one, it's an instance of HackMD - think Google Docs or Hackpad/Etherpad, but with Markdown, open-source, and hosted by someone who actually cares.

feeel free to use it. or don't. it's up to you.

OMG, my favorite short art film of ALL TIME is now available on line!!! 

Hey, captioning your image with a little in-joke for the sighted person you assume is looking at it is fucking pointless. Describe the whole thing, not just an out-of-context snippet, this isn't xkcd


Decolonizing should be a staple part of solarpunk culture, you can't change my mind

why i love the rust community 

why i love the rust community 

job opportunity in Ann Arbor, MI 

job opportunity in Ann Arbor, MI 

i'm gonna say it AGAIN

if your game only allows for a male playable character, but ESPECIALLY a cis white male

it's bad. it's a bad game. you've made nothing original. it's boring. bad bad bad

Hello! Just moved here from I think I've re-followed everyone I was following on there but let me know if you think I've missed you off the list.

Thanks to @GwenfarsGarden for this excellent "how to move instances" guide:

Cis Men Stop Saying "Oh, I Call Everyone Dude" Challenge 2019

*paul logging on to mastodon voice* gimme that sweet sweet content

Please adopt this cat if you are in or near Springfield, IL, he is around 3 and is "friendly and outgoing but not too interested in a stick toy" and I would die for him

Samuel Delaney e-book collection on sale! 

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