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Yippie-kai-yay, mister falcon @balrogboogie@ceilidh.space

let me be who I am Show more

goddamn this mirror has buttons on it this is some bourgie shit

legion Show more

im in DC so im assuming it's freemason-related

There's a weird rock formation in the parking lot of my hotel

@jk "can it run Electron apps" is the new "can it run Crysis"

#sffbookclub is a book club for people who enjoy reading sci-fi & fantasy. It has a Liberapay account to subsidize book purchases for... Show more

swearing, + Show more

if you can only place as a cis male character

ur game is bad

reverse racism isn't real Show more

asking for help to find a nice masto-instance Show more

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taking a page from @iliana's book Show more

sffbookclub crowdfunding Show more