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@benhamill not too bad, trying to keep monday from getting me down. how bout you?

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Okay, last time I do a reminder: new main is @Juju and this account will die in August.

adding a FR to tusky bc I want to append #VoteDeniGetPlenty #Deni2020 #DenicanRepublic to the end of all my posts, regardless of the actual post content

#VoteDeniGetPlenty #Deni2020 #DenicanRepublic

@Cobalt @denikombucha I wholeheartedly second this. I absolutely adore her style, it's so distinctive and beautiful!

#Deni2020 #DenicanRepublic #VoteDeniGetPlenty

me, after a couple weeks of working full-time from home: "really, you need a routine that lets you get into the right headspace to stay focused and get stuff done"

me, after 3 years of working full-time from home: "ok, so there are exactly 24 species of birds that visit the birdfeeder outside my window. I've named 10 of the birds, and there is one Mourning Dove, Phyllys, that is my favorite. The Wrens and Starlings are currently at war, with the Grackles taking advantage of the distraction to e

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Hey, do any #ActuallyAutistic people know of a nice autism-friendly GP surgery in central #Swindon, UK?


- Ability to communicate well with surgery without phone calls (email, online booking, etc.)
- Open to reasonable adjustments re: missed appointments etc.

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CoC, Social Media yay!

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@BadAtNames I can still do that

you just can't use Tusky to do it :shrug_g1:

@anarchiv I wonder how people googled things before Google was invented

also if you come into this thread with any freeze peach takes, ur getting blocked, just fyi

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