@healyn @derek yesss me too, Miller's crossing #1, then O Brother

@derek it's literally illegal for me to not post this gif whenever someone brings up a fire hose

@Cyborgneticz thanks, im all caught up on Lore but i hven't heard Obscured yet

@rach that's what I've heard, im looking forward to it

running low on books/podcasts, maybe i should listen to The Night Circus again?

i think I'll call my scheduled toots service "Workposts" because sometimes when you're workposting you don't want your work to know you're workposting during work

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Friday Night Homebody Club, make some motherfuckin' NOISE

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uuughh this is @noelle level stuff here

"A Roman walks into a bar, holds up two fingers, and says 'Five beers, please.'"

@rosewaters have you encountered much of that here? I haven't, but I also tend to block problematic people/instances fairly quickly

@noelle anyway, good to know, imma go back to playing my nintendo 64 after I finish recording a new podcast on my Talkboy and maybe making a video with my camcorder

@noelle oh, they gave those things new names? I made a point to never learn new names for things after I turned 13

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