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overtaken by an urge to vandalize this sign as it is CLEARLY missing an L

why do I have to keep doing things, why can't I listen to the new @ScreenTestOfTime

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having a breakfast tea at 4:37pm just try and stop me

Hooo-boy, I've no idea what I'm getting into. I'm Imithly, huge Star Trek fan, podcaster trying to get back into podcasts, and hella lgbtq. Someone pointed me in this direction, but I am social media incompetent.

re: pnw meetup aftermath, new friend, :boosts_ok_gay: 

@pizza excited to join the instance

ok so I need advice from the hive mind: if you were going to a conference by and for trans folks, and a trans psychiatric specialist was giving a talk, what would you want to hear them talk about? HRT and mental health? Meds? What would you wanna see them focus on, regarding trans issues and mental health?

@paeneultima [🖼 :heart_orange:]​ it's okay, some days are like that. I think it's great that you got to 50%, some days I don't even get that fair

@freakazoid ha, I didn't even get a notification about @craigmaloney 's reply because I just blocked MOTT right away

@foggy "toxic...FOSS advocates" <- but you repeat yourself

@Juju where do I sign

also if you ever have the opportunity, turning on his commentary during the movie is well worth it, he's hilarious lol

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