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@srol I wondered how much of that kind of stuff from the book they would keep

So because I did something stupid while my instance was borked, I lost all the avatar & header files for the people I follow. anybody know if I need to manually clear those file names out of the db, or if masto will see them 404ing and queue up jobs to re-download them?

Ahhh the rpi stuff for my snips.ai is gonna be here today. Guess I know what my project for tomorrow is :D

@staticsafe thanks Sadiq, that worked. I was hoping to be able to get away with an under-provisioned droplet since my instance is single-user but it seems to be causing more maintenance headaches than I thought it would :-/

Hey there fediverse, I'm back after something mysterious happened to my server that I'm still not 100% sure about

Looks like I can use the instance via the app but the web UI is still broken for me because webpacker keeps failing with the incredibly helpful error message of "Compilation failed:"

*sigh*, ok, enough, I'm adding /^RT/ to my home TL filters

@tcql the "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!" monologue?

Afrofuturism is the nuanced and incredibly broad sci-fi and fantasy vision that thoroughly examines power structures, speaks truth to power, is not driven by the voices of cis men, and imagines aesthetically bright and richly coloured settings. White people need to step up and listen.

@aldeka we noticed, with our kids, that when they would go through phases like this it usually was followed by a growth spurt. Sometimes they would eat everything in sight and sometimes they would eat hardly anything, but the long sleep times were always part of it

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