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raspberry jam sesh @balrogboogie@ceilidh.space

Oh hecc yea I finished my last book and still have 19 days left to read this ceilidh.space/media/0-vCK1KxB9

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Aww yea, have had this on hold for a while and it became available just in time ceilidh.space/media/Wwg9LFXI01

Probably one of my favorite pictures from camp, the view of shoepac lake from the shore. We all went out on it shortly after this picture ceilidh.space/media/wM5_fLeGC5

A picture of the tomahawk lake sinkhole in winter, and a picture of the shelter we constructed to sleep in



TBT to a few years ago when I was stupid and didn't take layers off as I was hiking, then got hit with a breeze at windchill -27F ceilidh.space/media/wXooXVHIn_

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