@Gargron not so sure about that last part, I think it's perfectly ok to ask someone to CW something in the future


@Gargron ok, that makes more sense. And I agree, there is asking and there is dictating, and if you can you should definitely avoid doing the latter

@Gargron I sort-of agree with that, but if you're gonna post a lot of without a CW that probably should be behind a CW, I think you should at least post them such that they don't end up in the federated TL

@balrogboogie @gargron yeah my issue with this is Local/Federated TLs, and boosts. A lot of people are less strict with boosting non-CW’d content than with their own CW usage. This would be somewhat mitigated by the ability to add CWs to boosts.

CW discourse again 

CW discourse again 

CW discourse again 

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