anyone who thinks "I should get better at X before I let people see/hear/etc it publicly" should go look at the beginning of Jeph Jacques' Questionable Content

@MmeLibertine I'd seen a few comics (when he was at, idk, 1000 or something) before I went "I should start from the beginning". I thought I was looking at a whole different comic when I saw #1 tbh

@balrogboogie God yeah, it's jarring. He's improved so dang much, it's wild!

@balrogboogie QC and Gunnerkrig Court are my two examples of Just Put It Out There. Like, they've both come SO FAR since they started.

@makyo oh wow I didnt even know about Gunnerkrig Court but yea, I see what you mean

@makyo @balrogboogie Likewise DMFA and TwoKinds - quite an astounding difference in style from both their respective beginnings!

@balrogboogie Early Jon Rosenberg Goats or early Schlock Mercenary.

geeking out over old webcomics 

@jamey @balrogboogie Sure, QC has had a noticeable progression but Schlock Mercenary OMG. 😀

@clacke @balrogboogie haha, yes, I should have thought of that one too 😁

I'm guessing though that you can look at anyone who started posting comics online in the early 2000s with no real expectation that anyone would find their work, and if they're still doing comics today, they're a lot better at it 😁

@balrogboogie Have you heard the early stuff by Beatles? The ones that was released in the early 2000's?

@balrogboogie an equally good reminder is that One Punch Man was created by a person who decidedly could not draw, but that never stopped them

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