is the nonbinary leader of an empire called an Emprex

@balrogboogie I actually looked this up once and there is no canonical neutral form of the term "emperor," which is very disappointing to me, but I also independently came to "emprex" as being what a neutral form WOULD be, so that's two people coming to that term on their own, which means it PROBABLY follows established grammatical rules and, thus, is what the neutral form would be.

@witchfynder_finder @balrogboogie John Scalzi uses "Emperox" in his current space opera.

He doesn't make any claim to be a linguist, as far as I know.

@naga @witchfynder_finder @balrogboogie I like it over emperex because it doesn’t remind me of Pyrex, chemex, Perspex, and other 20th century faux technical brand words. Not sure why emperox/clorox doesn’t rub me the same way.

@edebill @naga @witchfynder_finder @balrogboogie emprex sounds like a prescription drug, emperox like a cleaning solution

Rx drug warnings 

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