hey, my :heart_orange:​ android masto client, @Tusky , just merged the PR that will rickroll people on fash instances. I'm going to show my support by donating to them on , and if you want to support them & have the means, maybe you could too!

also if you come into this thread with any freeze peach takes, ur getting blocked, just fyi

@balrogboogie It's an antifeature. No user could possibly benefit from it. Completely innappropriate behaviour.

@ZacharyHerold @balrogboogie Incorrect. Anything which makes the network harder for nazis and jackasses to use is a benefit to all users.

@a @balrogboogie This is not correct. It's an antifeature because it only makes the app less useful. A feature which helps people block nazis is a feature. An antifeature which forcefully annoys them is an antifeature.

@ZacharyHerold @balrogboogie You are (perhaps intentionally?) ignoring network effects and indirect benefits. The network effects of making things harder for nazis are huge.

@a @balrogboogie You are ignoring the fact that it's not the developers decision to decide who uses free software. It's the users' decision to decide who to block and censor. It will take them 10 minutes to remove the code so if you seriously think this is an effective or appropriate abuse of power then you're wrong.

@ZacharyHerold @balrogboogie Um, it totally is their decision. As we’re seeing them make it now; this is trivially observable. You’re looking to restrict their freedom.

And “effective” is observable and testable, too. You want to place any bets on whether Tusky’s usage on Gab will deviate in statistically significant ways from other instances? I’m betting that “10 minutes” (hah!) will be big.

@a @balrogboogie It's trivially observable that tusky is no longer going to be free software. The impression I get is that the changes in the software are minimal and downright pathetic (rick rolling), so if Gab users want to use Tusky, they will create a fork. And I'd probably join the fork too!

@ZacharyHerold @balrogboogie You misunderstand free software (and software maintenance/engineering). But you’ve also just announced your interest in joining up with nazis, so I think we’re done here. Have a nice life; make better choices.

@masterofthetiger @balrogboogie How about you take the lead on that fork then? Sounds like you're in the mood to make it happen, so follow your bliss?

I am going to see about making it easy to build an APK without the blocking code with a script. It would download the code for the latest release, change that file, and compile the APK.

@craigmaloney @balrogboogie @masterofthetiger The fascists have no better ally than non-fascists who choose to spend their time trying to make fascists' lives easier.

@balrogboogie LOL apparently the reason I had to click through to MOTT's profile to find what @craigmaloney was replying to is that I'd blocked MOTT already for a stupid reply to one of my global warming related posts. They also seem to spend a LOT of time defending, so perhaps my assumption that they're not a fascist was too generous.

@freakazoid ha, I didn't even get a notification about @craigmaloney 's reply because I just blocked MOTT right away

@balrogboogie @Tusky This sounded funny enough to go and look up the PR. And the comments were every bit of the trash fire I expected. Bravo.

@balrogboogie @Tusky
I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It. Now please block me

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