Who here's familiar with Rust? And it's automatic code generation facilities?

I want some advice.

@balrogboogie @federicomena Thanks!

To set some context I'm implementing my own browser engine (I'm happy to discuss why, but I don't think it's relevant here) and the trickiest bit so far has been parsing CSS properties.

So I created a program which reads in an internal domain specific language and outputs piles of match statements and type declarations as text files.

I find that program extremely helpful in coping with even a relative few CSS properties, but I don't like maintaining it.

@balrogboogie @federicomena So does Rust have anything nicer to help me implement this? Or even integrate it into the Cargo build system?

I can provide links to show what I'm trying to accomplish.


@alcinnz you can use a build script with cargo. In fact, they have an example of code generation right in the cargo docs: doc.rust-lang.org/cargo/refere

You can make your code generation library a crate, include it as a `[build-dependency]`, then use it in your `build.rs` file to generate code at build time


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