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Mr The Plague @balrogboogie

one benefit of running a single user instance is that I've been using the "report" function as a "remind me why I blocked this douchebag" feature. if I come across a blocked user and can't remember why I blocked them, I just find them in my reports, and there is a note there that will remind me

@balrogboogie That really is a good idea 😄
Often I look at someone I've wondering why I blocked them lol.

@ignitionigel yea, I wish there was a 'real' way to do this

@balrogboogie It'd be nice to add a short note to every follow or block. I also have no idea why I originally followed some people, especially if their content changes.

it means I have to both report *and* block the user, but it's worth it, and im used to doing that on twitter anyway

I would actually love this to be a feature for all users - somehow here on Masto I end up muting or blocking people more often that I later re-encounter. Twitter being larger, and perhaps more cliquey, I rarely ever saw a blockee again so never seemed to wonder.
Mind you, being forced to see these people on my timeline all the time after muting and blocking them for solid reasons is part of the problem.