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I hope you are having a lovely day with a nice cup of coffee

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me on twitter: ugh my TL is hot garbage, I need to unfollow like 200 people

me on the fediverse: followed. followed. followed. youre all followed. all of you are beautiful souls and I want to see all ur posts

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*slaps mastodon instance* this baby can handle so many awoos

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If you're a robot girl and you want any voice clips roboticised, hit me up, I'm trying some stuff out

boosts appreciated tbh

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Happy #BiVisibilityDay!
(... she said while marking the media as sensitive because there's eye contact.)

#BiVisibilityDay #selfie

Happy #BiWeek to all my beautiful #bisexual friends. 💖💜💙

[CW eye contact; #nails inspiration by the lovely @DialMforMara]

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@jonkoltz @lipsticksocialist

Why shouldn't you buy flowers from a monk?

Because only YOU can prevent florist friars.

Sorry. I'll see myself out...

Can we make a :blobheart: emoji but with pride hearts

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Have you heard about Ada Lovelace Day? It's an international day of celebration of women in STEM, held on 9 October. There is a live show in London, tickets available from here and independent events all over the world

This year is our tenth, and we'd love to make it the biggest one yet. Come along to our live show, attend an event, organise one of your own or write a blog, and help us celebrate all the amazing women in STEM, past and present!

Hire me! I'm seeking an internship in the Greater Seattle Area for summer 2019. 😌

tired: unisex bathrooms
wired: omnigender bathrooms


Hi, I'm shout (aka solidad), I write experimental poetry and prose, and creative non-fiction. A lot of my work deals with coming up with ingenious (or not-so-ingenious) solutions to adversity and social problems.

tagging: @guerrillarain

I'm setting up a #Liberapay. Finally!

I'm trying to not point to links outside FLOSS-zones for my background & stuff I did, but it's hard. Especially the photos, writing & wishlists, as it's a migration in progress.

Should I leave it blank while I'm populating my alternatives or do I add my tumblr blog in there instead (which is full of writings, photos, etc.)?

What would you prefer to see in a Liberapay from someone from the Fediverse?

Or does it not matter?

(Ok, ok, I got to SLEEP, now!)

Does anyone in the #UK have a #Kobo they could sell me at an affordable price?

Please boost!

I hope you are having a lovely day with a nice cup of coffee

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"cèilidh" (pronounced "kay-lee") is a Scottish Gaelic word meaning "visit." It is used to describe large gatherings where communities would come together to eat, drink, and be merry.

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