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why is it that, in England, a nurse works "in THE hospital," but a sick person is "in hospital?"

I assume it is for the same reason that, in the US, a guard works "in THE prison," but a criminal is "in prison?"

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how is "keep me hangin' on" by the Supremes still one of the best songs ever recorded?

I've been playing around with lua via OpenResty and...I actually don't hate it?

idk, I just needed a break from rust for a bit and somehow got playing around with openresty. it was a bit of a thing to get set up because to get everything working together correctly, I had to compile luarocks against the bundled luajit, but after that it's been pretty smooth sailing

i mean, lua's "object model" is...something else lol, but once you get your head around it, it works alright

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Anybody looking for a farmhand for Stardew Multiplayer?

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.social is having issues so this is my opportunity to announce - This link
only has 10 uses. Get them while you can :P

(Would prefer Irish people if possible :P )

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This is a reminder that the following services are online and available, free of charge:

Today I'm working on migrating the last six months of scribbled notes into a working code repository.

I'm existing due to your generosity right now.

If you can boost this, please, lend me a slot on your social media timeline today.

Pay me with exposure?

#irlsocialism #opensource

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What are your preferred alternatives to Google Drive's shared documents for writing/editing? Preferring ones which don't require accoutn/login!

Please Boost!?

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yo, looking for a software job? have 3-5 years of web dev experience? my team at github is very nice and we're hiring~

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so after upgrading to a 1GB droplet, my server's memory usage seems to be hovering in the ~750MB range, which makes sense since my 512MB was pretty much always swapping. not surprisingly, the performance is much better and it's now painfully obvious why 1GB is the minimum recommended amount of RAM to run masto lol

Oh, nice, looks like I can resize this droplet from 512MB to 1GB without affecting the price. I think i'll do that

try and guess exactly where I turned sidekiq on...

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