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I am become root, deployer of worlds

If anyone needs a retrowave background for anything - here!

(if you need a higher quality png, feel free to dm me)
:cc_cc: :cc_by: (I hope I'm doing this right...)

Don't really know how to tag this but.. #art #wallpaper #FreeToUse #CreativeCommons #creativetoots #mastoart #retrowave I guess..?

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@codl @unascribed zuckerburg decided life was too easy now so he became gargron and decided to see if he could create another popular advertising platform, one that would catch all the people who refused to use faceboak

if not I should make one

*adds another project to the list half-finished projects*

is there a boggle bot for masto yet?

Je voudrais faire un carnet avec tout ce que j'ai régulièrement envie de chanter (je chante très mal mais j'aime ça, deal with it). Est-ce que vous auriez une idée de comment mettre des paroles et des accords de guitare + trier automatiquement les chansons par genre/ordre alphabétique ?

Un package LaTeX/LibreOffice ? Un soft dédié ?

Boost appréciés 💚

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at the rate im going I'll be communicating exclusively in blobs and GIFs by 2020

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Here’s a fun game. DM me a question and I’ll answer it publicly.

Ha, and yall know how I am about bigotry, so don’t get blocked.


hey fam please charge a reasonable hourly wage for your work

i know i say this a lot but you're worth it

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how to improve any C code:

#define jean(a) a
#define jort jean(short)

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Oh btw #RiverOfTeeth was amazing and I loved it and if anybody has some shit to say against hippo buckaroos gfy

Hoppers prove love


Question for people using screen readers on mastodon: an article mentions that some screen readers will only read out a specific amount of characters. If people write long descriptions of their images, especially here on, can you access the entire description? Would it be more useful for me to only give a short description in the alt text, and maybe follow up with a longer description in unlisted follow-up toots?


"Vandal Kingdom" is the name of my next band