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that's me in the corner
that's me in the spotlight
that's me in the combination corner/spotlight

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I hope you are having a lovely day with a nice cup of coffee

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me on twitter: ugh my TL is hot garbage, I need to unfollow like 200 people

me on the fediverse: followed. followed. followed. youre all followed. all of you are beautiful souls and I want to see all ur posts

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Job search, software/web development, :boost_ok: 

me to recruiters: hire me pls, i'm cute n sweet n i can use sketch kk thx text me!

food, question re strike support 

life hack:

you can just say "websearch" instead of "google"

there is more than one search engine

don't internalize the brands' language

Asking for Money; Food, Transportation, and Phone :boost_ok:​ 

I vaguely remember someone running a fedi instance in Africa and for Africans, but I cannot find it. Anyone knows which one that could be?

Asking for a friend, who's driving up from South Africa to Uganda with a mobile maker space in a transporter. She's only on birdsite now, and it'd be perfect to spread some fedi goodness around.

Dear USA people 

Dr Hannah Fry has joined calls for a Hippocratic oath for tech & maths specialists.

"The issue has become urgent now that researchers are building systems that gather and sell personal data, exploit human frailties, and take on life-or-death decisions."

pretty sure I'd spend most of MastoCon admiring the tunes that @djsundog would be spinning

gab is an experiment to see what mastodon would be like if it had nazis but no active users

asking for help, $ 

Somehow I've gone this long without listening to the new Tool album, so I'm doing that today

who there designs furries, I need someone to redesign me a character because I'm never happy with what I create before I finalize their design. no significant changes, just some body patter n such

I can offer you a colored fursona sketch which I price around 25$ in return


What RMS, Torvalds and the like cost us 

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