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So because I did something stupid while my instance was borked, I lost all the avatar & header files for the people I follow. anybody know if I need to manually clear those file names out of the db, or if masto will see them 404ing and queue up jobs to re-download them?

Ahhh the rpi stuff for my snips.ai is gonna be here today. Guess I know what my project for tomorrow is :D

Hey there fediverse, I'm back after something mysterious happened to my server that I'm still not 100% sure about

Looks like I can use the instance via the app but the web UI is still broken for me because webpacker keeps failing with the incredibly helpful error message of "Compilation failed:"

*sigh*, ok, enough, I'm adding /^RT/ to my home TL filters

Afrofuturism is the nuanced and incredibly broad sci-fi and fantasy vision that thoroughly examines power structures, speaks truth to power, is not driven by the voices of cis men, and imagines aesthetically bright and richly coloured settings. White people need to step up and listen.

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My friend and comrade @tofuqueer is here! Give her a follow :anarchism: :vegan: :blobpats:

It takes a certain kind of person to do something unsuccessfully for 10 years and still think they're awesome and that life is 98% luck.

That person is me.

Check out my stuff 😅 👍 👍


@balrogboogie @banjofox the people of Tootland served the great Coffee Gods, Mocha and Latte, whose boons included joy and great power, but who looked with anger upon the wayward and afflicted them with migraines and lethargy, that they might learn the error of their ways and brew once again.

Trust me, if you come in here on good faith, use your CWs the way you should, and just generally try and get along with people, even when you're debating, you'll do fine.

Please read the TOS/rules of your respective instance as well and follow them.

snips update: I have ordered all the necessary rpi equipment for it and am eagerly awaiting it's delivery

I really want to work for MaidSafe, idc what they actually make since they are in scotland and they hire Rust devs, as long as it's not filthy adtech or fintech I'm fucking there

I wonder if they'd sponsor me